10 Easy Nail Art Designs To Try At Home In 2023



Branded Nail

Give a nod to your preferred luxury brands with a manicure that features the logos of those firms.

Gold and Natural Nail

The nail art craze can be indulged in without appearing unduly lavish with gold and natural nail designs.

Modern Color Palette Nail

This contemporary colour scheme is ideal for you if you wish to participate in the nail art craze but are perhaps not as adept with the nail polish brush.

Tie-dye Inspired Nail

Use this cute nail art design to reinterpret the boho-tie-dye aesthetic. This look is gorgeous because it works with practically every colour.

Faces Nail

With these faces, you can add some contemporary art to your manicure design. This nail art is really outstanding in terms of its attention to detail and line work.

Love Heart Nails 

With this love heart nail design, go for a delicate, feminine appearance. It's ideal for date night, Valentine's Day, or whenever you're in the mood for love.

Eyes Nail

This appearance is stunning in both effect and design. Black and white are used in this distinctive design to create the sharpest contrast.

Ombre Nail

Rainbow nails can be interpreted differently with ombre nail art. Plus, with the correct tools, it's quite easy to accomplish.

Sweet Nail Art

Both the flavour and the nature of pineapples are sweet. They are therefore ideal for using in this nail art creation.

Colorful Nail

The paint splodges are a distinctive way to include a whole spectrum of colours in your nail art design and are reminiscent of an artist's palette.