6 smartest zodiac signs that are geniuses



Mensa defines a genius as someone who scores at or above the 98th percentile on an IQ test. Genius isn't just very intelligent - you could also be a creative genius who thinks of solutions others don't see.


Almost everything Aquarius does is filtered through their intellect. They are able to distance themselves from situations, making solution finding easier. Balanced, inventive, and cool heads are their trademarks.


A Virgo is interested in everything, even mundane things. They will create their own solution if there is no solution to a problem. It's their passion to fix what's broken. Continuously thinking and creating.


In order to make smart decisions, Capricorns are methodical, precise, and highly structured. While willing to consider alternative strategies, they will look at the big picture and consider all the consequences to avoid being too impulsive.


Scorpios are difficult to fool due to their mental strength, perception, and intensity. Their senses provide them with perceptual reasoning. Their senses provide them with a lot of information that they quickly process.


You can tell Gemini's genius by listening to them talk. Known for their ability to acquire and disseminate information, they are the fastest thinkers of the zodiac. Another sign of genius is their sense of humor.


They are scattered brained geniuses, as clichéd. Pisces are intelligent and creative but sometimes get caught up in their own imaginations. Overwhelmed by ideas, they can lose focus.