According to your star sign, here's how to use Mercury retrograde.


Before allowing yourself to be misunderstood by others in your social circle, take into account how you communicate your feelings to others. 


You will be presented with an enticing get-rich-quick scheme; however, before you agree to participate, double-check the contracts and ensure that you are familiar with the terms.


There are a lot of unfinished business in your life, which may be making you feel a little overwhelmed. 


No matter how far you try to escape the past, it will eventually find you. It will be challenging, but not impossible, to heal old scars. 


It's well recognized that you are the boss of your close group of pals. You won't be as accessible to them as you previously were throughout the course of the following few weeks, though. 


You are waiting in line to be hired for the job, but there are delays. Talk to your manager about your possibilities or other positions that are now open before you give up on your career goals and desire for a raise.


Have you ever wished to learn more about a subject but never had the chance? Fortunately, you can now enroll in a class on a topic that stimulates your mind.


You could not be operating at your peak intuition right now, which causes you to question every choice you make. It's best to give a scenario or relationship some distance while you work through your feelings if it doesn't feel right. 


A flashback is coming, so get ready. You can anticipate speaking with a former partner, acquaintance, coworker, or someone from your youth who had a lasting influence on you.


Take advantage of this opportunity to organize your affairs and establish future plans. If you evaluate your plans, you might discover that they need to change to reflect the times.


A long-forgotten creative idea or passion endeavor is coming back to life. Instead of fighting the need to unleash your inner artist, give in to it.


It could seem like a difficult endeavor to remodel and redecorate your home. You won't regret making small adjustments during the planetary backspin.