Most Zodiac Nobel Prize Winners? The Answer May Surprise You—Except Geminis.


Have you ever wondered which zodiac sign represents the brightest minds? Most of us probably think it's a sign that we are who we say we are.  

Yet it's impossible for everyone to be right, and until now, nobody knew for sure which zodiac sign deserved the honor.  

The (nearly) final verdict on the most intelligent zodiac sign is in, and it might surprise you.  

In a recent study, researchers classified Nobel laureates by their sun signs after analyzing their astrological profiles.

Nevertheless, you must have a firm grasp of a few important principles of astrology and life before we divulge the answers.  

To begin, it should go without saying that the Nobel Prize is an unreasonably high threshold and that one need not have won the award to be smart.  

Second, your astrological sign has no bearing on your potential. Astrologer Annabel Gat reminds us that only by considering the entirety of one's chart can one hope to have an .

Accurate grasp of one's personal astrological influences. Examining just your sun sign might be a fun and interesting approach to gain some insight into yourself,.