Ranking of the Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Be Wealthy


Virgo, you can forecast success like no one else. You frequently make sound decisions, and you understand that with patience and the correct amount of effort, anyone can achieve.

1. Virgo

Outsiders perceive you as erratic and possibly less reliable than you could be. Scorpio, your family and friends perceive you as someone who is destined for greatness.

2. Scorpio

As a Leo, you understand the value of adhering to your principles and not giving up simply because someone disagrees with you. Everything you do in life is planned.

3. Leo

Taurus, you are the personification of the term "work hard, play hard." You recognize the importance of hard work, but you also recognize the importance of play.

4. Taurus

In classic Capricorn form, you evaluate all aspects of a situation before making a decision. You are not the type of person who would just brush off a stupid error.

5. Capricorn

Aries, your ambition will take you far in life - but you already knew that, didn't you? As Tim Gunn would say, your capacity to make it happen indicates that you have what it takes to generate some big money.

6. Aries

Aquarius, you are at a crossroads where your success might go either way. You'll be successful in any scenario, but if you want to grow rich, you have to play your cards wisely.

7. Aquarius

You aren't the only Sagittarius to rush at the possibility for assistance, especially with something as significant and life-changing as being wealthy.

8. Sagittarius 

You want to make a difference in the world as a Cancer, but not for the same reasons as everyone else. Your definition of success has nothing to do with wealth.

9. Cancer

Many people may tell you that your head is too far in the clouds for you to succeed, but this is simply because you enjoy considering your alternatives.

10. Pisces 

Libra, you will find your place in the world, but not among the wealthy and famous. No matter what you accomplish in life, you have the power to be happy and make a difference, but you must stop being so critical.

11. Libra

You may believe that your proclivity for being indecisive about everything, from what to wear today to what to make for supper, but you are very mistaken.

12. Gemini