The Zodiac Signs as Element



Aries: Fire 

Fire is the element associated with the Aries zodiac sign. Fire represents Aries' vitality, passion, and fiery independence. They have an unyielding will to succeed and never back down from a test.

Taurus: Earth

The zodiac sign of Taurus corresponds to the earth element. Taureans are as steady and trustworthy as the planet we live on.

Gemini: Air

Gemini is air. Geminis are curious like air. They are smart, curious, and multifaceted. They can talk their way out of problems.

Cancer: Water

Cancer is water. Cancers are highly emotional and sensitive. They use their intuition to manage life, yet their intense emotions sometimes overwhelm them

Leo: Fire

Leo is fire. Leos are fiery and magnetic. They command attention and illuminate every room. They are lovable despite their confidence and strength.

Virgo: Earth

Virgo is earth. Virgos are sensible, reliable, and grounded. Kids love facts and schedules. Virgos work hard and prioritise others.

Libra: Air

Libra is air. Libras love equilibrium. They can unite people and are diplomatic. Libras are very charming and make friends easily.

Scorpio: Water

Scorpio is water. Scorpios' emotional intelligence enables them intuitively comprehend and connect with people.

Sagittarius: Fire

Sagittarius is fire. Sagittarians are fearless like fire. Their captivating energy is nearly contagious, and their adventurous nature sometimes leads them into routes others may not explore.

Capricorn: Earth

Capricorn is earth. Earth signs like Capricorns are driven to succeed. They are responsible and practical.

Aquarius: Air

Aquarius is air. Aquarians are smart and ahead of their time. They are imaginative and adventurous. Aquarians are generous and unafraid to question authority.

Pisces: Water

Pisces is water. Pisceans are sensitive and insightful. They understand and feel emotions. Pisceans always support those in need.