Thursday's Love Horoscope For March 16, 2023

By vasantha | 16/3/2023


Control and power issues today. Anger can be a force of nature. The abundance of rage that can be unleashed during Pluto and Capricorn may have people cowering for cover and hiding today; but there is a lesson to be learned. 


Running is not hiding. When it's time to meet fate, nothing can stop you from meeting it. Your life is entering a new chapter. 


Your selfishness is a problem today. Control and power issues are difficult to navigate within yourself. When Mars squares the Sun, it's hard to see what is right, but blaming yourself or others won't help. Peace instead. 


A It's time to change the relationship. You can ignore a problem or face it head-on. People can act as mirrors, and someone special can help you see your best side as you face today's battles.


A A little effort goes a long way. With so much love to give, it will be hard not to become distracted. This relationship can't wait any longer. Don't procrastinate. It's time to say what you feel.


A You can no longer resist a romantic relationship. Both of you are in love. There may be an end to a friendship and a start to a romance. Maybe it won't last forever, but you'll enjoy figuring things out.


Relationship problems occur in all families; some relatives cause more trouble than necessary. There could be gossip, drama, and lies today. 


A If the wrong person tells the secret, it can spiral. It's your story today. The best way to admit wrongdoing is to admit it yourself.


Money can't solve problems. Sometimes you have to walk through the fire to finish what you started. Despite hardships, you find the strength to improve a tough situation today.


Change begins with you. This is the crossroads where you learn to overcome childhood wounds. Don't run from your challenges today.


An ex from the past calls or texts you today. Unfinished conflicts need to be resolved. Reopening old wounds may be too painful for you. 


Friendships are only truly valuable when you need them.